Wireless Technologies

Wireless networks have changed from a convenience to an absolute must in every aspect of our lives. Today’s professionals both expect and require the ability to walk into any facility and use wireless services to access their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Whether you are a doctor who needs to access life-saving patient information wirelessly or a manufacturer discussing the international production of your products, wireless technology is an essential part of everyday life.

If wireless technology is so critical, why do so many facilities offer poor wireless services in which packet loss and slow speeds are a daily occurrence? The answer is that those facilities aren’t up-to-date. Wireless Design Solutions provides premier wireless network engineering that upgrades, replaces, or installs your system so that it works at the performance level your business needs to be competitive and efficient.


RTLS is either used by or needs to be in use with almost every customer. Not only do these services assist in patient and equipment tracking, but they can also be used in conjunction with wi-fi analytics to provide big data models for retail stores.

Of course, there are differences in quality when it comes to real time location services. Some services say they are in “real time” but refresh only periodically, and other services provide actual real time data. Understanding and supplying the appropriate RTLS service is vital. For example, you may not mind if you can only track the course of a piece of heavy equipment every few minutes, but if a baby in the NICU goes missing – you want to know exactly where that child is and why he or she is out of the unit. At Wireless Design Solutions, we help you find the right RTLS for your need.


Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi – also called VoWLAN) is a technology providing voice services delivered across Wi-Fi. Many companies find VoWi-Fi an essential part of the VoIP system commonly used by our enterprise and healthcare clients. Not only is VoWi-Fi a cost-efficiency tool, but it also represents your next step in seamless integration in mobile connectivity.

The foremost problem faced by VoWi-Fi is packet loss. With the time-sensitive nature of voice service on a wireless network, design flaws which were once hidden when only data clients were used, are quickly exposed.  Partner with Wireless Design Solutions to fully evaluate the needs of your business. Start with a complete wireless network audit and let’s design your Wi-Fi to fit ALL of your needs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT creates a cost-efficient and connected workspace. Whether you are going green by creating auto settings for your building’s environmental control systems or you are hoping to create a thoroughly integrated wireless environment, the internet of things affects all business types.

There are so many amazing gadgets that can disturb your wireless connectivity. Every item from auto-blinds to your Bluetooth keyboard changes the integration of your existing systems. Wireless Design Solutions can evaluate your current load and work with you as you expand your business, helping your company go and remain wireless while maintaining peak efficiency.

WiFi Analytics

Wi-fi analytics is a fantastic way to gather information from your system to improve upon an existing system, extract useful data for other projects, or to provide you with big data information about customers that can be used to your business advantage. In fact, when coupled with RTLS, wi-fi analytics can give retail locations vital information about their clients which they can utilize in future sales.

At Wireless Design Solutions we are constantly updating our knowledge and expertise in every available system so that we can pass this in-depth understanding on to our customers. Our business philosophy is vendor neutral, so we will offer a variety of solutions for your analytics needs.

Extreme Density and Specialized Performance Areas

The last thing any high traffic area like a stadium or playing field needs is to lose wi-fi. However, in ultra high density (UHD) areas your wi-fi can bottom out very easily. That’s why we provide our wireless network design service to areas that will get extreme traffic density.

Additionally, some businesses have unexplained wi-fi interference. Wireless Design Solutions is here to investigate the issue, discover its source, and design a solution. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.