We’re with You

Companies, healthcare institutions, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities across the U.S. often have a wi-fi system in place. However, many such businesses are regularly battling packet loss, slowdowns, interference, weak encryption, and more. Wireless Design Solutions does a full wi-fi assessment of every client, taking the time to understand every aspect of the business’ wi-fi needs. Once this is accomplished, we can engineer a solution that not only fixes problem areas but allows the business to continue to grow in the upcoming years. From there it’s a matter of full implementation with a quality control check and certification done after implementation is complete.

Reaching your wi-fi needs is that simple.

Strategy & Engineering

Our first step is to do a full walk-through wi-fi assessment of every customer. This allows us to test the speed-of-signal in every room of a building and discover areas of interference. Additionally, as we find areas where there is low to no signal, our team locates the cause. We understand how a building’s infrastructure, competing signals, or system decay can cause an area to have poor wi-fi.

Once this assessment is complete and the reason behind poor or no signal has been discovered, our team will engineer a custom solution.

Develop & Implement

After a solution is found and a wireless system design is laid out, the next step is implementation. Often, this is done in coordination with the customer’s IT team and management.

Because we have a vendor neutral design philosophy, we are able to offer more options to our customers than most wireless network design and engineering companies. This allows our clients to work with the manufacturers they are most comfortable with while still improving their wireless network systems.

Project Certification

After implementation, we ensure the quality of completed work is up to our standards. This means we do another evaluation of your new or upgraded systems along with certifying these systems.

Here at Wireless Design Solutions, we always put the customer’s needs first. So, we not only do our testing, we listen to any of your or your staff’s concerns and work to implement solutions before signing off on a project.

Manage for the long term

Just as your equipment needs to be managed, so does your wi-fi network. Our engineers are on-hand to continue maintenance and management of your system as your company or building grows. Our goal is to assist your business as you take on more employees, add additional hardware and software, and as your wi-fi needs evolve.

We’ve been in this industry for more than sixteen years and have seen more than one business grow past its original wi-fi network design. Wireless Design Solutions is always here to assist you, answer your questions, and help to manage your system so it stays at peak efficiency well into the future.