We’re with You

Wireless Design Solutions started working in the healthcare industry and has since expanded to assisting a variety of markets in their wireless network design and engineering needs. Our engineers travel all over North America to provide premier wireless network engineering to our customers in healthcare, enterprise, manufacturing, and education.


Schools across the U.S. are becoming more and more paperless with book downloads, laptops and tablets in the classroom, and smartphones used in research projects. Institutions of learning must get and remain up-to-date with their wi-fi solutions as they continue to provide our young people with a top-notch education.


Many companies utilize wi-fi in everything from voice over wireless network to the internet of things to real time location services. All of these services require both speed and efficiency as more and more items get added to the network. Wireless Design Solutions is here to create the right wireless solution for your growing business.


Hospitals, doctor’s offices, outpatient buildings, and more all have essential wireless needs. From tracking patients to providing wi-fi in hard-to-reach spots to maintaining HIPAA compliance, Wireless Design Solutions has been assisting medical institutions achieve their vital wireless needs across the U.S. since its inception.


As new equipment joins the internet of things, more and more manufacturing depends on wi-fi and automation. Proper integration of new equipment, accurate tracking of products, and the ability to communicate swiftly in our international economy are all part of the package when we design and engineer your wireless solutions.